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Matter and Form 3D Scanner Review


In at the moment’s episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard speak about their expertise with the Matter and Form desktop 3D Scanner. They clarify how they wanted a 3D scanner for his or her skilled enterprise and how they got here to the choice of shopping for one as an alternative of going for different choices.  Additionally they undergo what they favored about it and what they have been impressed by. They evaluate this 3D scanner from a really use case perspective in an effort to take into consideration how one can perhaps use it too. There are additionally some nice enterprise ideas right here which you could apply.

At this time, we’ve received one other in our collection of product critiques. It’s a evaluation of our expertise with the Matter and Form desktop 3D Scanner. For these of you who’ve been following the podcast, Tom and Tracy purchased a scanner. That may be a massive deal in case you’ve recognized us, when you’ve listened to plenty of episodes. We don’t often scan. We speak about that, I don’t know what number of occasions. It’s an enormous deal. More often than not, corporations ship us a product to assessment and we evaluate it and we ship it again to them. We truly had a necessity in our skilled enterprise for a 3D scanner so we ended up shopping for it.

I want to go on the document earlier than we begin speaking about this that since we purchased it and used it for this shopper, it’s truly nonetheless sitting there, it hasn’t moved, no one’s touched it. I feel I used to be proper to say we didn’t actually need a scanner, however we had one want. Let’s speak about it as a result of I feel that that’s actually essential. Once we do critiques for you, we actually attempt to be use case targeted in how we’re reviewing one thing. We take into consideration how are we going to make use of it, how are you going to make use of it, what are the almost certainly makes use of for it and does it do this properly, does it match that?

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Matter and Form desktop 3D Scanner arrange

We don’t need to simply be operating a bunch of, and we’re very important about it, you possibly can return to take heed to about dozens of episodes, we hash out all the individuals who do critiques of merchandise within the 3D print area. Their techniques for doing it hassle us. The concept you’d simply run these inventory prints that you simply do each single time. Whereas we do this, as a result of we need to have a comp from one to a different, we additionally take a look at methods and say, “Maybe this one isn’t really great at doing unsupported forms. Maybe this isn’t great unless it only does solids.” Then we’ll attempt some solids and another issues. We’re all the time taking a look at it from the attitude of who is that this greatest for and what would they use it for. That’s the case right here.

Once we do this on 3D printer evaluations, we frequently discover issues that, I don’t need to say are improper, however perhaps some issues that aren’t splendid, that the producer didn’t understand about their very own printer and that’s as a result of they’re not doing actual world prints, they’re doing check prints. They’re not utilizing it as part of their day job. That’s actually the distinction right here. We’ve felt through the years that we actually didn’t want scanner as a result of Tom is the type of designer who designs within the pc. We sketch and then designs within the pc. We don’t actually begin from a scan of one thing fairly often, however we had a match concern right here and we had an present half we needed to work with.

We had a shopper has this espresso grinder, it’s a hand crank espresso grinder. They employed us to make enhancements to it. Often, we don’t get into engineering enhancements and it didn’t actually begin out this manner, it was meant to be assessment the product, perhaps we will make some design enhancements to it. What we actually discovered one of many largest points with this espresso grinder was practical. With a purpose to clear up that useful drawback, we would have liked to create a brand new half. Usually, I might simply create a brand new half, take my basic dimensions, begin stepping into my CAD and begin making the half. However this half hardly had a measurable piece of reference geometry on it.

It’s very, I don’t even need to say natural, a part of it seems natural. It’s not that it’s natural, however there was actually not a straight line on the factor and it had a mixture of twisting helix, nevertheless it wasn’t only a straight helix, it was tapered. There was a lot stuff on this. I had a lot hassle creating this geometry. I wanted to repeat a part of the geometry and then change a part of the geometry to carry out a brand new perform. That’s fairly complicated for us. That doesn’t occur fairly often. This can be a rarity.

We tried to create it uncooked in CAD to start with. I feel I spent approach too many hours fairly truthfully making an attempt to create this geometry from scratch. The rationale I needed to is that, I’ve handled scans earlier than, principally scans we’ve acquired from different individuals. They’re already STL information or one thing and you possibly can’t modify these very simply. I needed to create native geometry within the CAD for various causes, nevertheless it was taking an excessive amount of time and then I ended up testing with an engineering firm native on the town who has this actually critical excessive finish scanners and engineering groups about making me a mannequin of the half that then I might modify. However the costs they required for doing it have been over $2,000. Ridiculous for this dinky little half.

I assumed, “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. The worst pricing I’ve ever heard from a service bureau before.” That’s their enterprise and they’re gouging their shoppers. However when you consider it, they’re a critical engineering agency and they invoice out $250 an hour. You possibly can see how, in a brief time period, you get to an enormous invoice. However how lengthy did it take to scan it? I don’t know, an hour. Whenever you say $250 an hour, I might’ve anticipated $500 or much less, however $2000 is gouging shoppers. That is what we confronted. It’s an excessive amount of.

That basically was the choice of, “For $400, I could buy the scanner,” and I made a decision, I’ll purchase it. I’ll attempt it. We’ll do a evaluation on it for the podcast. If it really works for the half, nice. Then we’ll maintain it as a result of we could have gotten our return on funding on this half fairly fast with our shopper’s job. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll return it. Nevertheless it ended up working so right here we’re.

I need to step again earlier than we speak concerning the precise use of it and the evaluation of it. I need to level out two essential enterprise classes that occurred within the strategy of this. This is essential for lots of freelancing consultants and those that function, whether or not you’re promoting engineer providers or 3D design providers or any of these forms of issues, and even printing providers, scanning providers. There needs to be an actual world worth. When you’ll be able to say, “I charge $2000 to do that, but buying the scanner is $400.” You realize it’s an hour of time, that’s not sensible. Whereas I do assume the most typical drawback is individuals undercharging for his or her providers, I see that on a regular basis as a result of we aren’t Fiverr right here. Let’s be actually cautious about how we’re pricing our providers. It’s worthwhile to worth them so you’ll be able to keep in enterprise.

You’ll worth your self out of enterprise so typically in case you are not practical as to what its value and/or what is going to occur is, once we received that file again, there have been errors and they’re inevitably wouldn’t be good, there’d be points. We paid $2000? We’d be actually pissed since you set the bar method too excessive. You must watch out. In case you’re going to cost that a lot cash, you higher give them stellar outcomes. They higher be killer outcomes. You are able to do that. That’s positive, however it’s a must to know that that’s what you’re doing and you higher ship on that.

The second lesson. What number of hours did we spend making an attempt to work it out earlier than we stated, “I got to have somebody else do this?” Perhaps 4 hours making an attempt to work it out, 4 or 5. However to me, that’s rather a lot. I wasted half a day plus. Truthfully, the job with this shopper, it wasn’t an hourly job so I wasn’t logging the hours. I wasn’t excited about doing a evaluate at that time as a result of I used to be simply creating geometry within the pc.

Let’s simply say it was 4 hours. We invoice out at $250 an hour for simply common consults. You’re speaking about $1000 value of labor and the scanner value $400. Then I spent in all probability half an hour unpacking it and studying the way to use it and then an hour scanning it. Then I used to be capable of go and do what I wanted to do. However even nonetheless, you take a look at that and it didn’t come near the $1000. Sustainable companies, companies which might be profitable, what do they do? They pay extra money to save lots of time somewhat than spend extra time to economize.

They pay cash to save lots of time. Your time is actually beneficial as a result of we’re unfold skinny, we now have too many purchasers in a way and we now have this podcast. As you all know, we misplaced a while on the podcast as a result of we had so many purchasers and a lot enterprise going and private issues, we needed to cope with the marriage. That’s how the podcast misplaced out within the scope of issues when it comes to lacking out for a pair months of content material. That is the factor, you spend cash to save lots of time. We simply found the right use for a scanner.

Even when you consider, as a result of truthfully, we’re comparatively a small agency, it’s not like I’ve a bunch of assistants and I might ship one among them right here, take this half over to that engineering agency. I might’ve needed to go drive out to that engineering agency or spend an hour and a half of time getting there, assembly with them and coming again. The time would begin to add up.

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Burr Scan

Let’s get to the half, the scanner and the evaluation. This half, it’s a ceramic half. In case you’ve ever appeared in a espresso grinder or no less than a hand crank espresso grinder, a great espresso grinder, as a result of critical espresso fanatics like ceramic burrs. It’s a burr, which is a bit solely manufactured from ceramic and it’s unfinished. It’s only a white ceramic half. If I keep in mind proper, as a result of we went down a very long time in the past to interview the united statesStore. It was actually early on within the podcast, it was like in our first 25 episodes or one thing perhaps. Once we did that, they have been spraying elements with talcum powder and stuff like that.

It’s even funnier than that. It was foot powder. Particularly if the elements have been very reflective, they might put it on it so the scanner might learn it. On this case, the half was truly in all probability perfect for scanning. As a result of that ceramic had that good matte end to it and it was not reflective in any respect. Let’s speak concerning the scanner. The design of the scanner, it’s a reasonably cool little object. It’s nicely designed and it’s primarily a turntable and then a laser or a set of lasers and sensors that learn the half because it turns and the lasers and sensors transfer up vertically. There’s a restrict to how huge an element that you could truly scan, however this a part of ours, it was actually like a one inch tall and perhaps an inch and 1 / 4 in diameter. These burrs are usually not very huge, however it undoubtedly wanted to be scanned 360 levels.

The design of this merchandise, I feel it’s a rather well designed product. It folds up right into a neat little package deal. The turntable, you open it and it folds down and rests on the desk, you plug it in. Scanning it, you could hook it as much as a pc, that it’s a must to do. It’s not prefer it scans by itself and it’ll save one thing to a flash drive or something. You must drive it from their software program on the pc. We’ll speak concerning the software program after as a result of the software program was not my favourite a part of this, the hardware was fairly cool. It folds 90 levels. It’s not about in half actually, it’s L formed and it folds as much as be simply skinny. Which is why it’s hanging round right here taking over plenty of area. It’s compact, it’s straightforward to place away.

WTFFF 471 | 3D Scanner

Matter and Form desktop 3D Scanner folded up

I’m going via the directions and discover ways to do it. I simply did first a scan with the default settings. I discovered that it wasn’t high quality sufficient. The results of the scan, it was not likely as usable as I want it to be, not as correct I’d say. I set it to the best, highest settings, taking the longest time to scan. You’ll be able to truly set it for what number of steps within the 360 diploma circle it takes or how shut these steps are collectively. I went to the best as a result of I wanted probably the most particulars scanned. I didn’t care how lengthy it takes as a result of truthfully, it may possibly simply go. You don’t have to watch it, you simply let it go. If it takes an hour to scan, it takes an hour to scan.

The turntable truly has an excellent little rubber grip floor. I attempted to get it as a lot within the middle as I might, however there’s no actual precision approach to ensure you have it lifeless middle. There’s a dot there, however when you’ve a very small half and you’re putting it, it’s not like you’ve got any type of a bodily factor that may make certain it’s positioned within the middle. It actually doesn’t matter. Even when it’s off middle, it’s nonetheless going to get each a part of it. I wouldn’t advocate placing a really small half two inches off middle. That doesn’t make plenty of sense and you in all probability wouldn’t get nearly as good a scan. You need to attempt to put it within the middle.

That simply spring into thoughts once we reviewed the Polar 3D. We discovered that despite the fact that a bit bit off actually skewed every part when it occurred, when it printed it, because it was going, it wasn’t completely centered and it began to skew your angel once you have been printing it. It was the other drawback with that printer. Whenever you put one thing within the middle, it had just a little hassle shifting by means of the middle. You needed to print one thing off middle. It was the other impact. Scanning, you need to hold it lifeless middle as a lot as you possibly can, however printing on the Polar 3D, I discovered it did higher if you print it off middle. Which is bizarre since you would assume that it will be off.

Besides the best way that printer works, and that’s arduous to know, you possibly can take a look at a few of the footage within the assessment of that printer and see. Its capacity to maneuver one thing by way of the very middle of that construct plate, it has to maneuver very slowly to do it. I feel there’s extra margin for error due to that. It’s arduous to elucidate, it’s technical. This, you need it lifeless middle as a result of should you needed to rotate completely and get an ideal circumference all the best way round it, it is sensible. You need it as lifeless middle as attainable. I used to be capable of get it set and get it to scan all of the day round, do the very best high quality of scan I might.

The software program can be a fairly primary software program. It appears, it’s not DOS, however it’s like earlier than Home windows three.1, that’s for positive. It was not crucial a part of their undertaking. The software program must be useful, does it must be fairly? In all probability not. I’m positive over time, they’ll make it higher. Truly what we inform our shoppers all of the day, spend cash on the issues that folks will purchase for, store for, the issues that make them pull out their pockets. Upon getting it confirmed that it has a market and it will probably promote, you then spend the cash on upgrading all these different issues.

Undoubtedly taking a look at their software program interface was not part of my determination to purchase. It undoubtedly was extra, we’d like the perform. Or the looks of the particular product, which was fairly properly finished. I feel they positioned their priorities in the correct locations, however nonetheless, it might’ve been nicer if the software program was a bit higher and simpler to make use of. However it labored.

This the identical firm that does the Bevel, which we have now not touched and reviewed. We backed them on a Kickstarter for a scanner that attaches to your cellphone. A part of the issue is, the iPhone modified from having a telephone jack to not having a telephone jack over the time that they lastly delivered this product. Whereas there’s an adapter, I feel I may need to 3D print one thing to get that factor to be in the best place on the telephone and do what it’s imagined to do. I didn’t had the time to get into that so I haven’t achieved it but. I need to check that out. If I discover that it’s a great product, definitely we’ll speak about that in a future episode.

The software program labored and it can save you the file out in a variety of totally different codecs. You even have some modifying capabilities inside the Matter and Form software program. Right here’s what I discovered, is that to be able to actually get a usable STL file out of it, which is finally what I made a decision was what I wanted to do, I wanted to scrub or filter the top end result that the Matter and Form software program produced by way of Netfabb in an effort to eliminate some errors and produce me a great high quality, usable STL file.

It saved an STL file, however the STL file had a lot of totally different items of geometry that wasn’t one uniform piece of geometry. You will have like all these little sides and angles and different issues that you simply don’t need. You need it clear and clean. Manipulating that was inherently troublesome in consequence. I used Netfabb to not solely clear it up, however sew all of it collectively into one strong. It’s the other of what you usually do. Usually, you create a file and then you definitely do it to print, you run it via Netfabb to wash it up.

Anyone who works with SOLIDWORKS or Autodesk Fusion 360, any of the actual parametric strong modeling packages actually don’t have this drawback. However these of us that use floor modeling or making totally different sorts of varieties out of various items and placing them collectively typically have little holes or errors and issues like that that it’s a must to clear up. Operating it via Netfabb earlier than you go to slice it simply saves you some hassles you’ll be able to encounter with slicing software program. That’s what I discovered up to now. I have a tendency to love the previous model that’s the free utility one which’s in your honor to pay them to unlock all of the options, which I’ve finished. They’ve newer variations and they’ve on-line variations. I feel Microsoft purchased them at one level, however I nonetheless discover the older variations work quite a bit higher. There you go.

As soon as I get that file run by means of Netfabb, then I had usable geometry. It was nonetheless an STL so I nonetheless needed to cope with the truth of that. I couldn’t flip it into native geometry that my CAD program would create, nevertheless it was ok. Not solely was it ok, and right here’s the place the subsequent enjoyable a part of this is available in, this burr, the outer floor of it, the elements that contact and truly grind espresso beans, I didn’t need to change, I didn’t want to vary. What I wanted to vary is on the interior, inside the half. It has a hallow core by means of it, however I wanted to create some particular geometry for a sure perform in there. I used to be in a position to try this, however then I wanted to check it.

I went and printed one on our 3D printer, as nice a top quality as I might do in plastic. However plastic I actually felt was not going to perform correctly. Don’t go grinding espresso with plastic burrs. That doesn’t sound like a great plan. Although I used to be making an attempt to grind espresso, I wasn’t meaning to drink that espresso. You’ll have little plastic items in there. I printed it out only for general match and every little thing and that was effective. However I knew I wasn’t going to get the correct outcomes even when functionally I had made the actual enhancements. What I did was then took this STL file after I’d modified it and I uploaded it to Shapeways and I printed it in chrome steel. As a result of they do have ceramic issues you possibly can print, however they’re actually meant to be glazed in hearth.

It’s not the identical factor because the ceramic materials. I actually didn’t assume it might maintain up. I didn’t need to waste time so I knew chrome steel can be robust sufficient, it might work. The half, as a result of it has espresso beans between it and the opposite half that it’s grinding beans with the opposite ceramic half, which is type of a donut form, that I knew that it will work, it will maintain up. I used to be like, “Let’s just print it in stainless steel. Then I would be able to test if the functional improvement I was making would work.” In reality, it did. I used to be actually impressed with Shapeways on this.

It took greater than every week to get it. That’s the one factor I didn’t like about it. It took over every week for them to print and ship it and then one other two days to get to me. I don’t know sufficient particulars about their course of, however I do know they’re printing it themselves. Truly, I checked out a bunch of various service bureaus, even Sculpteo as a result of we knew that that they had added chrome steel to their capabilities. I used to be fairly stunned the Sculpteo half was much more costly than the Shapeways one. Making an attempt to save lots of my shopper cash, I did it with Shapeways. Dimensionally, it was proper on the cash. I used to be actually impressed. From the size of the file I uploaded to them, it was proper on. It wasn’t outsized or undersized.

My very first thing that got here to thoughts was early on once we had i.materialise print the angel and it got here out on this like sandstone type of materials, which is definitely how the burr feels in ceramic, the unique one. I’m wondering if it will’ve simply labored straight in that sandstone-y materials. However i.materialise takes so lengthy to get right here.

I had already burned up a lot time making an attempt to create the geometry myself and getting the scanner and doing all this work, I wanted to begin to get some solutions and outcomes to know if this was going to work for our shopper. If this re-engineered half was going to work. The chrome steel half actually did the job and even to the purpose the place I despatched it I had two of them made, I despatched one to our shopper and they put it of their espresso grinder and examined it and they confirmed, “Wow, this is great. This is a big improvement.”

Good general use of the Matter and Form and then the processing of which to do it. I actually assume if we had another elements that aren’t mass produced. Right here’s an instance of what I did scan. I took considered one of our plaster hand sculpted chess items that we’ve made a very long time in the past. We made them in school, they’re so previous. However we nonetheless have them round the home. This stuff are fairly huge, this stuff are like 5 inches tall and perhaps three and a half, 4 inches in diameter.

I took a type of and I examined the scan of that as nicely afterwards. As a result of it was a bigger half, simpler to see, I assumed it’d be a very good instance. I examined it out and it labored. What you need to do is you need to take the file, run it by way of Netfabb or no matter you need to do to wash it up and simply print it. Hallow it out and simply print it. My level is that why sorts of issues would you need to scan? To me, it’s objects that primary are actually troublesome to mannequin in CAD natively, issues which might be considered one of a sort, issues that you simply’re not simply going to have the ability to get anyplace else or one thing unique that you simply needed to protect, I assumed could be one more reason you needed to.

We attempt to use as many actual world use instances as potential once we check issues. The burr for the espresso grinder was an actual world check case the place it undoubtedly solved a necessity and it labored. I used to be making an attempt to think about and virtually in a contrived sense, work out, what else might you employ this for? Why would you employ it? I struggled with it a bit bit, however that’s the place I went to the sculpted issues. Actually, mission completed. I feel definitely there’s been numerous speak about scanners through the years. MakerBot had a desktop scanner that they truthfully don’t promote anymore. For no matter purpose, even they internally weren’t proud of it or it wasn’t promoting properly sufficient for them to proceed to supply it. There aren’t that many desktop scanners which are of a desktop shopper or skilled lite degree which you can purchase. This is likely one of the few that’s on the market. I felt prefer it did the job so I’m completely happy.

I used to be involved once we purchased it. I used to be such as you’re going to only get extra work cleansing it up, extra work getting it proper out of it than you have been going to be spending making an attempt to create it your self. You already did spend making an attempt to create it your self. I assumed you actually set your self out an unimaginable activity altogether. It’s nonetheless going to finish up taking you 4 hours to wash it up, however that Netfabb answer was sensible and it simply in all probability saved tons of time in doing that.

The entire course of actually did save me time and it acquired the end result for the shopper the quickest method that I knew how. I referred to as a couple of locations to say, “Do you do this service?” I wasn’t discovering any, nevertheless it’s not like there’s a 3D hubs of scanners on the market a lot. It’s actually simply printers. Perhaps there are another options that I’m not conscious of. If any of you on the market know of any, then tell us. We’d love to listen to about it at WTFFF and perhaps we will do one other episode on that sooner or later.

I do assume that perhaps part of the issue. The 3D hubs mannequin of it, until it’s native to you. A whole lot of occasions, individuals don’t need to hand over that half as a result of it’s a certainly one of a sort piece, no matter you’re scanning, or it’s an vintage otherwise you actually solely had one to scan so that you didn’t have sufficient to go and ship one away someplace or have it scanned and introduced again to you. You actually do want a hubs choice, one thing native that may do this for you.

I’m remembering, one of many issues that I additionally tried earlier than ordering the Matter and Form scanner and having it shipped to us was to make use of a type of, there are a number of on-line packages that use photogrammetry. In case you take a sure variety of pictures round the entire object, you possibly can truly add them to the location and it’s going to analyze the photographs and produce you a 3D mannequin. I truly tried that within the case of the burr. We’ve got a fantastic photograph sales space, the SHOTBOX, we’ve talked about it earlier than. I put it in there with a excessive distinction background, the burr is principally white so I put a black background. I took an entire ton of images round this factor, much more footage than they stated you wanted. We now have a lazy Susan too so you can spin it.

I uploaded these to their website and it produced nothing recognizable when it comes to a 3D file. I couldn’t get that course of to work. Perhaps there’s one thing I don’t perceive about it, however I adopted the directions and it simply didn’t work.

We talked about earlier than the united statesStore too. They don’t do it anymore. I truly was going to provide them the chance to do the job and scan it, however that’s not a service they provide anymore. They nonetheless have the 3D printer, however it’s far more primary. I feel that worker who was there operating it on the time once we interviewed them is not there.

We purchased a 3D scanner. Tom and Tracy purchased a 3D scanner and used it and favored it. It labored. I undoubtedly would love to listen to about anyone else’s experiences with 3D scanners although as a result of I’m positive there’s numerous different choices on the market. That firm like Hollywood 3D Printing, I feel they’ve some scanners. They scanned our our bodies, I feel they’ve some desktop scanning functionality, however they’re method up in Hollywood. It’s like an hour and a half from us. I obtained to the purpose the place I made a decision I needed to attempt and do that myself so I didn’t even speak to them. I might’ve I assume. It might’ve been good to match to see in the event that they cost $2000. I’m positive they didn’t. I might hope they didn’t.

Verify our social media, @3DStartPoint and you’ll get to see fascinating pictures of what we scanned and the video that we took of the unboxing. We might be again once more tomorrow with one other episode. Tomorrow’s episode goes to be fascinating. It’s controversial causes. We’re going to go over a few of our personal ideas about our largest query that we get right here. Be a part of us tomorrow.

Thanks for listening, everyone. This has been Tom and Tracy on the WTFFF 3D Printing podcast.

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